• A.Q.P.S.A.
    The French abbreviation for any horse other than an English thoroughbred. Horses that would fall into this category include Anglo-Arabs, French trotters and all other crossbreeds between these types of horses.
  • Age
    A thoroughbred horse’s age is increased by a year on January 1st. The official age of a horse can be found in the program for horse race meetings. There are some age restrictions for racing. Flat horses and trotters may race as two year-olds, while jump racing is restricted to horses that are three or more years old.
  • Anglo-Arab
    This refers to a horse that is bred from English and Arab thoroughbreds. In order to be included in the Stud-Book, a horse must have 25% Arab blood.
  • Apprentice
    A future jockey or jockey in training. Jockeys must be at least 16 years old.
  • Arab
    A particular horse breed. There are numerous contests that are organized specifically for the pure Arab breed. France is one of the only countries that continues to select purebred Arab horses for their form.
  • Aubin
    This is a now-outlawed form of trotting in which the horse gallops with its forelegs and trots with its hind legs.